Ascorbic Acid

Side effects and indications

Whenever possible, frequency information about the side effects was extracted from the labels. Aggregated frequency information for the drug and, if available, placebo is shown. To the right, you can click on shaded boxes to be taken to mentions of the side effect on the label. (In some cases, the side effect cannot be highlighted due to conversion problems.) Information about indications was extracted from the indications and usage sections of the labels.

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Side effect Data for drug Placebo Labels
Dizziness def x
Syncope def x
Tenderness def x
Indication Labels
Body temperature increased def x
Cough def x
Diphtheria def x
Gingival bleeding def x
Gingivitis def x
Haemorrhage def x
Infection def x
Pertussis def x
Pneumonia def x
Rheumatic fever def x
Scurvy def x
Sickness x
Sinusitis def x
Tuberculosis def x


More information: STITCH, PubChem and possibly Wikipedia

ATC Codes: A11GA01, B03AA10, G01AD03, S01XA15


Color scheme: standardalternative

frequent (1% to 100%)    
infrequent (0.1% to 1%)    
rare (<0.1%)    
no frequency information    
not found on label    


Labels were obtained from different sources and potentially contain different sets of side effects. If you click on the label name, a HTML version of the label will be shown with proteins, chemicals and side efffects highlighted using Reflect.

  1. Ascorbic Acid : 3 side effects (FDA XML label)