SIDER 4.1 : Side Effect Resource

SIDER contains information on marketed medicines and their recorded adverse drug reactions. The information is extracted from public documents and package inserts. The available information include side effect frequency, drug and side effect classifications as well as links to further information, for example drug–target relations.

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Database statistics

Number of drugs and side effects
# of SE# of drugs# of drug-SE pairsPairs with frequency information
Number of drug–side effect pairs in different frequency ranges
(with exact data)
(with exact data)
(with exact data)
drug24562 (23601)16765 (11426)11784 (6013)1926555730
placebo7133 (7133)3294 (3294)2512 (2512)010748
Version Information
The current version (SIDER 4.1) has been released on October 21, 2015. This release uses the MedDRA dictionary (version 16.1) and provides access to preferred terms and lower-level terms. Compared to SIDER 2, the number of drugs has increased from 996 to 1430. Additional side effects have been retrieved by better processing of the labels. Side effects that are mentioned on the label as either potential or not occurring are removed. Data from previous versions of SIDER are available via FTP.