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Side effects

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MedDRA Preferred Term Side effect Data for drug Placebo Labels
1 2
Nasopharyngitis Nasopharyngitis 8% 7% x x
Upper respiratory tract infection Upper respiratory tract infection 5% 4% x x
Cough Cough 3% 2% x x
Arthralgia Arthralgia 2% 1% x
Musculoskeletal discomfort Arthralgia 2% 1% x
Myalgia 1% 1% x
Contusion Contusion 1% 1% x
Pharyngitis Pharyngitis 1% 1% x x
Tachycardia Tachycardia 1% 1% x x
Toothache Toothache 1% 1% x
Myalgia Myalgia 1% 1% x
Abdominal pain upper Abdominal pain upper 1% 1% x
Viral upper respiratory tract infection Viral upper respiratory tract infection 1% 1% x
Atrial fibrillation Atrial fibrillation x x
Back pain Back pain x
Neck pain Neck pain x
Infection Infection x x
Connective tissue disorder Connective tissue disorder x
Diarrhoea Diarrhoea x
Dizziness Dizziness x
Dyspepsia Dyspepsia x
Dermatitis Rash x x
Rash Rash x x
Gastrointestinal disorder Gastrointestinal disorder x
Angle closure glaucoma Angle closure glaucoma x
Headache Headache x x
Cardiac disorder Cardiac disorder x x
Mediastinal disorder Mediastinal disorder x x
Nausea Nausea x
Nervous system disorder Nervous system disorder x
Pain in extremity Pain in extremity x
Pneumonia Pneumonia x
Supraventricular extrasystoles Supraventricular extrasystoles x x
Rhinitis Rhinitis x
Sinus headache Sinus headache x
Sinusitis Sinusitis x
Sinus tachycardia Sinus tachycardia x
Supraventricular tachycardia Supraventricular tachycardia x x
Urinary tract infection Urinary tract infection x x
Vertigo Vertigo x
Urinary retention Urinary retention x
Lower respiratory tract infection Lower respiratory tract infection x
Skin disorder Unspecified disorder of skin and subcutaneous tissue x
Bronchospasm paradoxical Bronchospasm paradoxical x
Ventricular arrhythmia Rhythm idioventricular x x
Rhythm idioventricular Rhythm idioventricular x x
Infestation Infestation NOS x x


Information about indications was extracted from the indications and usage sections of the labels.


Side effects:40
Source:FDA Structured Product Label

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    rare (<0.1%)
    no frequency information
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