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ATC Codes: A10AB04, A10AC04, A10AD04

Side effects

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MedDRA Preferred Term Side effect Data for drug Placebo Labels
1 2 3 4
Pharyngitis Pharyngitis 6.58% - 33.7% x
Influenza Influenza 6.16% - 34.6% x
Cough Cough increased 17.3% - 17.4% x
Rhinitis Rhinitis 6.63% - 29.1% x
Headache Headache 8.82% - 29.6% x
Pain Pain 10% - 19.8% x
Infection Infection 7.62% - 20.9% x
Nausea Nausea 6.17% - 15.1% x
Injury Accidental injury 8.64% - 11.6% x
Body temperature increased Body temperature increased 6.17% - 11.6% x
Abdominal pain Abdominal pain 7.41% - 8.14% x
Gastrointestinal pain Abdominal pain 7.41% - 8.14% x
Asthenia Asthenia 7.41% - 8.14% x
Bronchitis Bronchitis 6.98% - 7.41% x
Diarrhoea Diarrhoea 5.81% - 8.64% x
Dysmenorrhoea Dysmenorrhoea 6.17% - 6.98% x
Myalgia Myalgia 5.81% - 7.41% x
Musculoskeletal discomfort Myalgia 5.81% - 7.41% x
Urinary tract infection Urinary tract infection 4.65% - 6.17% x
Obstruction Obstruction 0.09% - 0.1% x
Anaphylactic shock Anaphylactic shock x
Dyspnoea Dyspnoea x x
Oedema Oedema x x
Dermatitis Rash x x x
Rash Rash x x x
Glycosuria Glycosuria x
Hypernatraemia Hypernatraemia x
Hypersensitivity Hypersensitivity x x x x
Hypoglycaemia Hypoglycaemia x x x x
Hypokalaemia Hypokalaemia x
Hypotension Hypotension x
Lipodystrophy acquired Lipodystrophy x x x x
Neuropathy peripheral Neuropathy peripheral x
Pruritus Pruritus x x x x
Refraction disorder Refraction disorder x
Retinal disorder Retinal disorder x
Hyperhidrosis Sweating x
Sweating increased x
Swelling Swelling x x
Tachycardia Tachycardia x x
Loss of consciousness Loss of consciousness x
Weight increased Weight increased x
Wheezing Wheezing x x
Oedema peripheral Oedema peripheral x
Injection site reaction Injection site reaction x x
Erythema Redness x x
Rash generalised Rash generalised x
Diabetes mellitus Worsening of diabetes x
Infusion site erythema Infusion site erythema x
Infusion site reaction Infusion site reaction x
Lipohypertrophy Lipohypertrophy x
Lipoatrophy Lipoatrophy x


Information about indications was extracted from the indications and usage sections of the labels.

Insulin lispro

Side effects:6
Source:FDA Structured Product Label

insulin lispro / insulin lispro

Side effects:13

Insulin lispro

Side effects:46
Source:FDA Structured Product Label

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    rare (<0.1%)
    no frequency information
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