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Side effects

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Side effect Data for drug Placebo Labels
1 2
Abdominal distension x
Abdominal pain x x
Alopecia x
Amenorrhoea x
Anxiety x x
Back pain x x
Mental disorder x x
Breast disorder x
Bronchitis x x
Cervical polyp x
Cervicitis x x
Infection x
Connective tissue disorder x
Constipation x
Cough x x
Cystitis x x
Libido decreased x x
Depression x
Diarrhoea x x
Dizziness x x
Dysmenorrhoea x x
Dysuria x
Eczema x
Oedema x
Rash x x
Eye disorder x
Fatigue x x
Body temperature increased x x
Fibrocystic breast disease x
Foreign body x
Gastrointestinal disorder x
Headache x x
Herpes simplex x x
Hypersensitivity x x
Hypoaesthesia x
Immune system disorder x x
Irritability x
Leukorrhea x
Breast mass x
Breast pain x
Menorrhagia x
Metrorrhagia x
Nausea x x
Neoplasm x x
Nervous system disorder x
Pain in extremity x
Pelvic pain x
Penis disorder x
Neuropathy peripheral x
Pharyngitis x x
Premenstrual syndrome x
Pruritus x x
Rhinitis x x
Sinusitis x x
Muscle spasms x
Toothache x x
Upper respiratory tract infection x x
Pollakiuria x
Urinary tract infection x x
Urinary tract disorder x x
Urticaria x
Vaginal inflammation x
Angiopathy x
Vomiting x x
Weight increased x x
Micturition urgency x
Mood swings x x
Migraine x x
Uterine spasm x
Malnutrition x x
Unspecified disorder of skin and subcutaneous tissue x
Vaginal discharge x
Malaise x
Increased appetite x
Discomfort x
Galactorrhoea x
Vaginal odour x
Vaginal discomfort x
Vaginal pain x
Vaginal burning sensation x
Breast tenderness x
Ectropion of cervix x
Enlargement abdomen x x
Influenza-like symptoms x x
Vaginal infection x
Sensation of foreign body x
Blood pressure increased x
Vulvovaginal discomfort x
Vulvovaginal dryness x
Genital itching female x
Visual disturbance x
Hot flush x
Acne x x
Infestation NOS x
Local reaction x
Device breakage x
Breast discomfort x
Medical device discomfort x
Fibroadenosis of breast x x
Vaginal contraceptive device expelled x
Dyspareunia x
Contraceptive device complication x
Pelvic discomfort x
Coital bleeding x
Venous thromboembolism x
Breast enlargement x


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Side effects:45

NuvaRing / NuvaRing, Vaginal ring

Side effects:99

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    rare (<0.1%)
    no frequency information
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