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Cyproterone acetate

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Side effects

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Side effect Data for drug Placebo Labels
1 2 3 4 5
Fatigue very rare — very common x x x x x
Weight increased very rare — very common x x x x x
Gynaecomastia very rare, common x x x x x
Headache very rare, common x x x x
Breast pain very rare, common x x x
Nausea very rare, common x x x x
Sweating common x x x
Agitation common x x x
Lassitude common x x
Tenderness common x x x x
Breast tenderness very rare, common x x x x
Fluid retention common x
Menstruation irregular very rare — common x x x
Dysmenorrhoea uncommon x x x
Libido increased very rare, uncommon x x x x
Osteoporosis uncommon x x x x x
Sleep disturbance very rare, uncommon x x x
Tachycardia very rare, uncommon x x x x
Skin discolouration uncommon x x x x
Skin striae uncommon x x x
Vaginal discharge uncommon x x x
Hot flush very rare — common x x x x
Hypersensitivity very rare — uncommon x x x x x
Galactorrhoea very rare — uncommon x x x x x
Dyspnoea rare x x x
Rash very rare — uncommon x x x x x
Hepatitis very rare — common x x x x x
Jaundice rare, common x x x x x
Nodule rare x
Hepatic failure very rare — common x x x x x
Rash generalised rare x
Hepatic neoplasm very rare x x x
Intra-abdominal haemorrhage very rare x x x
Acne vulgaris x
Alopecia x
Anaemia x x x x
Haemolytic anaemia x
Hypochromic anaemia x x
Anorexia x
Aphasia x
Ascites x
Asthenia x
Asthma x
Azoospermia x
Mental disorder x x x
Breast disorder x x
Cardiovascular disorder x x x
Coma x
Connective tissue disorder x x x
Constipation x
Cyst x
Libido decreased x x x
Dermatitis exfoliative x
Scleroderma x
Diabetes mellitus x
Diarrhoea x
Dizziness x
Dyspepsia x
Ear disorder x
Eczema x
Oedema x
Endocrine disorder x
Erythema nodosum x
Body temperature increased x
Gastrointestinal disorder x x
Glossitis x
Cardiac failure x
Haematuria x
Hemiplegia x
Haemorrhage x
Coma hepatic x
Hepatomegaly x
Hernia x
Hirsutism x
Hypercalcaemia x
Hyperglycaemia x
Hypernatraemia x
Nodular regenerative hyperplasia x
Hyperventilation x
Hypotension x
Immune system disorder x x x
Infertility x x x
Jaundice cholestatic x
Leukocytosis x
Leukopenia x
Hepatic cirrhosis x
Mediastinal disorder x x x
Meningioma x x x
Myocardial infarction x
Neoplasm x x x
Optic atrophy x
Optic neuritis x
Pancreatitis x
Personality disorder x
Phlebitis x
Polyp x
Pruritus x
Pulmonary embolism x
Pulmonary fibrosis x
Renal failure x
Retinal disorder x
Shock x
Cerebrovascular accident x
Syncope x
Thrombocytopenia x
Thrombophlebitis x
Thrombosis x
Pollakiuria x
Urticaria x
Uterine haemorrhage x
Angiopathy x
Vascular headache x
Vomiting x
Weight decreased x x x
Normocytic anemia x
Encephalopathy x
Chills x
Creatinine increased x
Urate crystalluria x
Injection site reaction x
Liver function test abnormal x
Hepatic necrosis x
Aspartate aminotransferase increased x
Alanine aminotransferase increased x
Uterine fibroids enlarged x
Accommodation disorder x
Retinal vascular disorder x
Malnutrition x x x
Photosensitivity reaction x
Unspecified disorder of skin and subcutaneous tissue x x
Malaise x
Tension x x x
Urine abnormality x
Erectile dysfunction x x x x
Hepatobiliary disease x x x
Psychotic depression x
Atrophy x
Depressed mood x x
Rash maculo-papular x
Blindness x
Spermatozoa abnormal x
Cough increased x
Gait disturbance x
Bladder carcinoma x
Sweating increased x
Blood and lymphatic system disorders x x
Nitrogen balance negative x
Thromboembolic event x x x
Myasthenia x
Retinal vein thrombosis x
Foetal chromosome abnormality x
Embolus x
Breast enlargement x
Hepatocellular carcinoma x
Ovulation inhibited x
Abnormal vision x


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Cyproterone Acetate Tablets / Procur, Tablet

Side effects:40

Cyproterone Acetate / Cyprone

Side effects:27


Side effects:48

Cyproterone acetate / Contraindications in women

Side effects:52


Side effects:116
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    infrequent (0.1% to 1%)
    rare (<0.1%)
    no frequency information
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