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ATC Code: B01AX06

Side effects

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Side effect Data for drug Placebo Labels
1 2
Back pain 3.68% 1.19% x
Wound secretion 1.97% - 2.79% x x
Gastrointestinal haemorrhage 1.2% - 3.11% x
Pruritus 1.75% - 2.14% x x
Osteoarthritis 1.67% 0.847% x
Abdominal pain upper 1.67% 0.169% x
Pain in extremity 1.22% - 1.65% x
Dyspepsia 1.34% 0.678% x x
Sinusitis 1.17% 0.508% x
Urinary tract infection 1.17% 0.508% x
Blister 0.884% - 1.4% x
Fatigue 1% 0.508% x x
Toothache 1% 0% x
Oropharyngeal pain 1% 0.339% x
Syncope 0.707% - 1.23% x x
Muscle spasms 0.707% - 1.16% x
Haemorrhage 0% - 28.3% 0% - 10.7% x x
Menorrhagia 0.167% 0% x
Agranulocytosis postmarketing x
Anaphylactic shock postmarketing x
Angioedema postmarketing x
Cholestasis postmarketing x
Gastrointestinal disorder postmarketing x x
Subdural haematoma postmarketing x
Hemiparesis postmarketing x
Hypersensitivity postmarketing x x
Immune system disorder postmarketing x x
Jaundice postmarketing x x
Nervous system disorder postmarketing x x
Stevens-Johnson syndrome postmarketing x
Retroperitoneal haemorrhage postmarketing x
Unspecified disorder of skin and subcutaneous tissue postmarketing x x
Epidural haemorrhage postmarketing x
Hepatobiliary disease postmarketing x x
Blood and lymphatic system disorders postmarketing x x
Cytolytic hepatitis postmarketing x
Cerebral haemorrhage postmarketing x
Abdominal pain x
Anaemia x
Angina pectoris x
Asthenia x
Bronchiectasis x
Chest pain x
Infection x
Compartment syndrome x
Conjunctival haemorrhage x
Connective tissue disorder x x
Constipation x
Contusion x
Dermatitis atopic x
Diarrhoea x
Dizziness x
Dyspnoea x
Ecchymosis x
Oedema x
Epistaxis x
Rash x
Eye disorder x
Eye haemorrhage x
Gingival bleeding x
Headache x
Cardiac disorder x
Haemarthrosis x
Haematoma x
Haematuria x
Haemoptysis x
Hypotension x
Renal failure acute x
Mediastinal disorder x x
Nausea x
Pain x
Pallor x
Renal failure x
Shock x
Swelling x
Tachycardia x
Urinary tract disorder x
Urticaria x
Angiopathy x
Vomiting x
Dry mouth x
Hepatic function abnormal x
Amylase increased x
Blood urea increased x
Gamma-glutamyltransferase increased x
Haemorrhage intracranial x
Pulmonary haemorrhage x
Muscle haemorrhage x
Myocardial ischaemia x
Lactic dehydrogenase activity increased x
Fatal outcomes x
Malaise x
Blood creatinine increased x
Wound haemorrhage x
Rectal haemorrhage x
Blood bilirubin increased x
Hypoperfusion x
Pruritus generalised x
Lipase increased x
Thrombocytosis x
Infestation NOS x
Bilirubin conjugated increased x
Post procedural haemorrhage x
Vascular pseudoaneurysm x
Venous thromboembolism x


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Side effects:43
Source:FDA Structured Product Label

rivaroxaban / rivaroxaban

Side effects:78

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    infrequent (0.1% to 1%)
    rare (<0.1%)
    no frequency information
    not found on label