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ATC Code: L02BX02

Side effects

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Side effect Data for drug Placebo Labels
1 2 3
Pain 28% x x x
Hot flush 21% - 26% x x x
Erythema 17% x x x
Weight increased 9% - 12% x x x
Back pain 6% - 8% x x
Fatigue 3% - 6% x x x
Hypertension 4% - 7% x x x
Swelling 6% x x x
Arthralgia 4% - 9% x x x
Constipation 3% - 5% x x x
Urinary tract infection 2% - 9% x x
Chills 0% - 5% x x x
Induration 4% x x x
Nodule 3% x x x
Abdominal pain x
Abscess x
Alopecia x
Anaphylactic shock x
Anaemia x
Arrhythmia x
Asthenia x x
Atrial fibrillation x
Mental disorder x
Bone disorder x
Breast disorder x
Libido decreased x
Depression x
Diabetes mellitus x
Diarrhoea x x x
Dizziness x x x
Dyspnoea x
Dysuria x
Rash x
Eye disorder x
Body temperature increased x x x
Gastrointestinal disorder x
Gynaecomastia x x x
Headache x x x
Cardiac disorder x
Cardiac failure x
Hyperglycaemia x
Hyperhidrosis x x x
Hypersensitivity x
Hypoaesthesia x
Hypotension x
Immune system disorder x
Incontinence x
Inflammation x
Breast pain x
Mediastinal disorder x
Musculoskeletal pain x
Myocardial infarction x
Nausea x x x
Nervous system disorder x
Night sweats x x x
Nocturia x
Osteopenia x
Osteoporosis x
Palpitations x
Pelvic pain x
Pruritus x
Skin nodule x
Muscle spasms x
Testicular pain x
Pollakiuria x
Urinary tract disorder x
Urticaria x
Angiopathy x
Vomiting x
Weight decreased x x
Dry mouth x
Micturition urgency x
Oedema peripheral x
Injection site reaction x x
Muscular weakness x
Phosphatase alkaline increased x
Joint swelling x
Testicular atrophy x x x
Malnutrition x
Unspecified disorder of skin and subcutaneous tissue x
Malaise x
Electrocardiogram U wave present x
Decreased appetite x
Abdominal discomfort x
Discomfort x
Erectile dysfunction x x x
Hepatobiliary disease x
Ejaculation failure x
Blood bilirubin increased x
Vision blurred x
Stiffness x
Transaminases increased x
Influenza like illness x
Febrile neutropenia x
Blood and lymphatic system disorders x
Electrocardiogram change x
Bone density decreased x x
Insomnia x x x
Mental disability x
Renal impairment x
Administration site infection x
Genital irritation x


Information about indications was extracted from the indications and usage sections of the labels.


Side effects:28
Source:FDA Structured Product Label


Side effects:32
Source:FDA Structured Product Label

degarelix / degarelix

Side effects:94

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    frequent (1% to 100%)
    infrequent (0.1% to 1%)
    rare (<0.1%)
    no frequency information
    not found on label