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ATC Code: R05DA04

Side effects

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Side effect Data for drug Placebo Labels
1 2 3 4
Abdominal cramps x x
Abdominal pain x x
Angioedema x x
Anorexia x x x x
Anxiety x x x x
Asthenia x x x x
Bone disorder x x
Breast disorder x x
Confusional state x x
Constipation x x x x
Dehydration x x
Depression x x
Diplopia x x
Dizziness x x x x
Drowsiness x x x x
Dyspnoea x x x x
Rash x x x x
Eye disorder x x
Fatigue x x x x
Body temperature increased x x
Flushing x x x x
Gastrointestinal disorder x x
Hallucination x x
Cardiac arrest x x
Cardiac disorder x x
Hypersensitivity x x
Hypotension x x x x
Orthostatic hypotension x x
Body temperature decreased x x
Immune system disorder x x
Irritability x x
Mediastinal disorder x
Miosis x x
Cramp muscle x x
Muscle rigidity x x
Mydriasis x x
Nausea x x x x
Nervous system disorder x x
Nervousness x x
Nightmare x x
Palpitations x x x x
Pancreatitis x x
Piloerection x x
Pruritus x x x x
Convulsion x x
Shock x x
Sneezing x x
Withdrawal syndrome x x
Sweating x x x x
Syncope x x
Tachycardia x x
Tremor x x
Urinary tract disorder x x
Urticaria x x x x
Vertigo x x x x
Vomiting x x x x
Dry mouth x x x x
Yawning x x
Urinary retention x x
Agitation x x
Mood swings x x
Withdrawal symptom x
Intracranial pressure increased x x
Respiratory arrest x x
Lightheadedness x x
Malaise x x
Dysphoria x x x x
Excitement x
Respiratory depression x x x
Euphoric mood x x
Spasm biliary x x
Redness x x
Shakiness x x
Lacrimation x x
Bradycardia x x
Excitation cerebral x x
Visual disturbance x x
Distress gastrointestinal x x
Sweating increased x x
Insomnia x x x x
Ureteral spasm x x
Diuretic effect x x
Rhinorrhoea x x
Circulatory depression x x
Somnolence x x
Loss of libido x x


Information about indications was extracted from the indications and usage sections of the labels.


Side effects:38
Source:FDA Structured Product Label


Side effects:38
Source:FDA Structured Product Label

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    frequent (1% to 100%)
    infrequent (0.1% to 1%)
    rare (<0.1%)
    no frequency information
    not found on label