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Photofrin II

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ATC Code: L01XD01

Side effects

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Side effect Data for drug Placebo Labels
Oesophageal stenosis 40% x
Vomiting very common, 32% x
Dysphagia very common, 19% x
Body temperature increased common — 20% x
Photosensitivity reaction uncommon — 69% x
Oesophageal stenosis acquired very common x
Constipation very common, 13% x
Nausea very common, 11% x
Dehydration very common, 4% - 12% x
Abdominal pain common x
Anxiety common x
Atelectasis common x
Back pain common x
Chest pain common x
Dermatitis exfoliative common x
Diarrhoea common x
Dysgeusia common x
Dyspepsia common x
Dyspnoea common x
Eructation common x
Oesophageal disorder common x
Oesophageal spasm common x
Oesophagitis common x
Rash common x
Fatigue common x
Headache common x
Haematemesis common x
Hiccups common x
Melaena common x
Paraesthesia common x
Pharyngitis common x
Pleural effusion common x
Pruritus common x
Skin lesion common x
Skin nodule common x
Skin ulcer common x
Tachycardia common x
Urticaria common x
Weight decreased common x
Skin discolouration common x
Dry skin common x
Oesophageal ulcer common x
Abdominal rigidity common x
Skin hyperpigmentation common x
Odynophagia common x
Oesophageal pain common x
Decreased appetite common x
Abdominal pain upper common x
Electrolyte imbalance common x
Milia common x
Rash maculo-papular common x
Rigors common x
Regurgitation of food common x
Skin fragility common x
Post procedural pain common x
Insomnia common x
Abrasion NOS common x
Rash papular common x
Pain uncommon, common x
Abdominal distension uncommon x
Angina pectoris uncommon x
Asthenia uncommon x
Atrial fibrillation uncommon x
Atrial flutter uncommon x
Blister uncommon x
Bronchitis uncommon x
Basal cell carcinoma uncommon x
Choking uncommon x
Colitis uncommon x
Joint contracture uncommon x
Deafness uncommon x
Dermatitis uncommon x
Dizziness uncommon x
Oesophageal perforation uncommon x
Fasciitis uncommon x
Flatulence uncommon x
Gastritis uncommon x
Gastrointestinal haemorrhage uncommon x
Gynaecomastia uncommon x
Breath odour uncommon x
Haemoptysis uncommon x
Haemorrhage uncommon x
Hypertension uncommon x
Hypoaesthesia uncommon x
Hypokalaemia uncommon x
Hypotension uncommon x
Orthostatic hypotension uncommon x
Keloid scar uncommon x
Lentigo uncommon x
Lethargy uncommon x
Leukocytosis uncommon x
Fungal infection uncommon x
Nasal congestion uncommon x
Melanocytic naevus uncommon x
Night sweats uncommon x
Pneumonia aspiration uncommon x
Sinusitis uncommon x
Skin infection uncommon x
Tinnitus uncommon x
Tremor uncommon x
Vitiligo uncommon x
Wheezing uncommon x
Urinary retention uncommon x
Agitation uncommon x
Oedema peripheral uncommon x
Blood urea increased uncommon x
Haemoglobin decreased uncommon x
Scab uncommon x
Rash macular uncommon x
Malaise uncommon x
Dyspnoea exertional uncommon x
Hair growth abnormal uncommon x
Cold sweat uncommon x
Abdominal discomfort uncommon x
Abdominal pain lower uncommon x
Rash scaly uncommon x
Respiratory depression uncommon x
Eye irritation uncommon x
Chest discomfort uncommon x
Productive cough uncommon x
Oesophageal haemorrhage uncommon x
Pitting edema uncommon x
Increased tendency to bruise uncommon x
Chapped lips uncommon x
Musculoskeletal chest pain uncommon x
Blood chloride increased uncommon x
Hot flush uncommon x
Eye oedema uncommon x
Haematocrit decreased uncommon x
Oxygen saturation decreased uncommon x
Injection site erythema uncommon x
Blood albumin decreased uncommon x
Tinnitus aggravated uncommon x
Protein total decreased uncommon x
Joint range of motion decreased uncommon x
Scar pain uncommon x
Post procedural haemorrhage uncommon x
Respiratory tract congestion uncommon x
Temperature intolerance uncommon x
Loose stools uncommon x
Oesophagitis ulcerative uncommon x
Feeling hot uncommon x
Anaemia x
Mental disorder x
Breast disorder x
Infection x
Connective tissue disorder x
Cyst x
Oedema x
Embolism x
Eye disorder x
Gastrointestinal disorder x
Cardiac disorder x
Hypersensitivity x
Immune system disorder x
Mediastinal disorder x
Neoplasm x
Nervous system disorder x
Nodule x
Phlebitis x
Pneumonia x
Polyp x
Porphyrin metabolism disorder x
Skin wrinkling x
Tracheo-oesophageal fistula x
Urinary tract disorder x
Angiopathy x
Cataract x
Deep vein thrombosis x
Malnutrition x
Unspecified disorder of skin and subcutaneous tissue x
Rash erythematous x
Pseudoporphyria x
Infestation NOS x
Blood and lymphatic system disorders x
Ear and labyrinth disorders x
Gastrointestinal necrosis x
Severe acute respiratory syndrome x


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porfimer sodium / porfimer sodium

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