Side effects and indications

Whenever possible, frequency information about the side effects was extracted from the labels. Aggregated frequency information for the drug and, if available, placebo is shown. To the right, you can click on shaded boxes to be taken to mentions of the side effect on the label. (In some cases, the side effect cannot be highlighted due to conversion problems.) Information about indications was extracted from the indications and usage sections of the labels.

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Side effect Data for drug Placebo Labels (show all 25)
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Abdominal distension def x x
Abscess def x
Alkalosis def x x
Anaphylactic shock def x
Angioedema def x
Arachnoiditis def
Arrhythmia def x
Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy def x
Convulsion def x x
Dental plaque def
Diabetes mellitus def x x x
Distention def x x
Ecchymosis def x x x
Embolism def x
Fat embolism def x
Oesophagitis def x x
Exophthalmos def x x
Fatigue def x
Folliculitis def 1.5% x x x x x x
Pathological fracture def x x x
Glaucoma def x x
Glycosuria def x
Headache def x x x
Cardiac arrest def x
Cardiomegaly def x
Cardiac failure def x x
Cardiac failure congestive def x x
Myocardial rupture def x
Haemorrhage def x x
Hepatomegaly def x
Hiccups def x
Hirsutism def x
Hypernatraemia def x x
Hypertension def x x x
Hypertrichosis def x x x x x
Hypertrophy def x
Hypokalaemia def x x
Infarction def x
Infection def x x x x x x x x
Inflammatory bowel disease def x
Unspecified disorder of intestine def x
Arthropathy def x
Menstrual disorder def x
Miliaria def x x x x
Myopathy def x x
Myocardial infarction def x
Nausea def x
Necrosis def x x x
Osteoporosis def x x x
Pain def
Pancreatitis def x x x
Papilloedema def x x
Paraplegia def
Paraesthesia def x x
Peptic ulcer def x x x
Petechiae def x x
Pigmentation def x
Pseudotumor x
Benign intracranial hypertension def x
Pulmonary oedema def x
Skin infection def x
Sweating def x x x
Syncope def x
Tachycardia def x
Telangiectasia def 0.8% x x
Thromboembolism def x
Thrombophlebitis def x x
Vasculitis def x x
Vertigo def x x
Weight increased def x x
Alkalosis hypokalaemic x x
Mood swings x
Aseptic necrosis x x x
Cataract def x x x
Application site reaction
Skin atrophy def x x x
Glucose tolerance decreased x
Growth retardation def x
Impaired healing x x
Intracranial pressure increased def x x x
Muscular weakness def x x
Dry skin def x
Skin irritation def x
Pustular psoriasis
Skin striae def x x x x x
Menstruation irregular def x x x
Allergic contact dermatitis def x x x x
Skin hyperpigmentation def x
Leukoderma def 0% x x x x x x x
Acneiform eruption def x x x
Paraparesis def
Malaise def x
Increased appetite x
Bladder dysfunction
Psychiatric symptom x
Intraocular pressure increased x x x
Euphoric mood def x
Cataract subcapsular x x x
Erythema facial x
Muscle mass x x
Personality change def x
Skin burning sensation def
Skin depigmentation 0%
Acne infantile 0%
Lupus miliaris disseminatus faciei def x x x
Rectal haemorrhage def
Pancreatitis haemorrhagic x
Disorders of fluid, electrolyte and acid-base balance x x
Fluid retention x x x
Steroid myopathy def x x
Glucose tolerance impaired def x x x
Eruption x x x x
Skin test reaction x x
Redness def x
Cushingoid x x x
Atrophy def x x x x x
Anaphylactoid reaction x
Electrolyte imbalance def x x
Plaque psoriasis
Skin scaly x x
Rash maculo-papular def
Appetite exaggerated x
Bradycardia def x
Neuropathy def x x
Secondary infection def x x x x
Blindness def x
Compression fracture def x x
Abscess sterile x
Carbohydrate tolerance decreased x x
Angiitis necrotising def x
Stinging x x
Sweating increased x x x
Acne def 0% x x x
Nitrogen balance negative x x x x
Fluid and electrolyte imbalance x x
Glucose low x
Cardiomyopathy def x
Insomnia def x x
Weakness def x x
Tingling sensation def
Oesophagitis ulcerative x x
Indication Labels
Acute leukaemia def x
Allergic asthma x
Anaemia def x
Anal pruritus def x
Ankylosing spondylitis def x
Arthritis def x
Aspiration x
Aspiration pneumonitis x
Asthma def x
Atopy def x x
Blood disorder def x
Bursitis def x
Cancer in remission x
Carditis x
Chorioretinitis def x
Choroiditis def x
Colitis def x x x
Colitis ulcerative def x x x
Collagen disorder def x
Congenital adrenal hyperplasia def x
Conjunctivitis def x
Conjunctivitis allergic def x
Dermatitis def x x
Dermatitis atopic def x x
Dermatitis bullous def x
Dermatitis contact def x
Dermatitis exfoliative def x
Dermatitis herpetiformis def x
Dermatomyositis def x
Diuresis def x
Drug hypersensitivity def x
Endocrine disorder def x
Endophthalmitis def x
Enteritis def x
Epicondylitis x
Erythema def x
Erythema multiforme def x
Erythroblastopenia x
Fungal infection def x
Gastrointestinal disorder def x
Gouty arthritis def x
Haemolytic anaemia def x
Haemorrhoids def x x
Herpes NOS def x
Herpes zoster def x
Herpes zoster ophthalmic def x
Hypercalcaemia def x
Hyperplasia def x
Hyperplasia adrenal def x
Hypersensitivity def x
Hypoplastic anaemia x
Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura def x
Inflammation def x
Iridocyclitis def x
Iritis def x
Juvenile arthritis def x
Keratitis def x
Leukaemia def x
Lupus erythematosus def x x
Lymphoma def x
Meningitis def x
Meningitis tuberculous def x
Multiple sclerosis def x
Mycosis fungoides def x
Neoplasm malignant def x
Nephrotic syndrome def x x
Neuritis def x
Optic neuritis def x
Osteoarthritis def x
Pemphigus def x
Perennial allergic rhinitis def x
Pneumonia def x
Polymyositis def x
Posterior uveitis def x
Proctitis def x x x
Proctitis ulcerative x
Proteinuria def x
Pruritus def x x
Psoriasis def x
Psoriatic arthropathy def x
Pulmonary tuberculosis def x
Purpura def x
Rectal disorder def x
Regional enteritis def x
Respiratory disorder def x
Rheumatic heart disease def x
Rheumatoid arthritis def x
Rhinitis def x
Rhinitis allergic def x
Sarcoidosis def x
Seborrhoeic dermatitis def x
Secondary adrenocortical insufficiency x
Secondary thrombocytopenia x
Serum sickness def x
Sickness x
Skin disorder def x x x x x
Spondylitis def x
Stomal ulcer def x
Sympathetic ophthalmia def x
Synovitis def x
Systemic lupus erythematosus def x
Tenosynovitis def x
Thrombocytopenia def x
Thrombocytopenic purpura def x
Thyroiditis def x
Trichiniasis def x
Tuberculosis def x
Ulcer def x x x x
Uremia def x x
Uveitis def x


More information: STITCH, PubChem and possibly Wikipedia

ATC Codes: A01AC03, A07EA02, C05AA01, D07AA02, D07XA01, H02AB09, S01BA02, S01CB03, S02BA01


Color scheme: standardalternative

frequent (1% to 100%)    
infrequent (0.1% to 1%)    
rare (<0.1%)    
no frequency information    
not found on label    


Labels were obtained from different sources and potentially contain different sets of side effects. If you click on the label name, a HTML version of the label will be shown with proteins, chemicals and side efffects highlighted using Reflect.

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  5. hydrocortisone : 15 side effects (FDA XML label)
  6. HYDROCORTISONE : 17 side effects (FDA XML label)
  7. hydrocortisone valerate / Westcort : 17 side effects (FDA CDER)
  8. HYDROCORTISONE ACETATE / CORTIFOAM : 38 side effects (Health Canada)
  9. Hydrocortisone : 49 side effects (FDA XML label)
  10. hydrocortisone : 100 side effects (FDA XML label)