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Side effects

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MedDRA Preferred Term Side effect Data for drug Placebo Labels
1 2 3
Headache Headache 23% x x
Upper respiratory tract infection Upper respiratory tract infection 9% x x
Myalgia Myalgia 7% x x
Musculoskeletal discomfort Myalgia 7% x x
Arthralgia x
Sinusitis Sinusitis 6.53% 4.04% x x
Nausea Nausea 5.03% 1.52% x x
Laryngeal pain Pharyngolaryngeal pain 5.03% 4.04% x x
Diarrhoea Diarrhoea 5% x x
Hyperbilirubinaemia Hyperbilirubinaemia postmarketing x x x
Jaundice Jaundice postmarketing x x x
Liver injury Liver injury postmarketing x x
Traumatic liver injury Liver injury postmarketing x x
Sleep disorder Sleep disorder postmarketing x x
Arthralgia Arthralgia x
Neck pain Neck pain x
Chest pain Chest pain x
Conjunctivitis Conjunctivitis x
Constipation Constipation x
Dizziness Dizziness x
Dyspepsia Dyspepsia x x
Dermatitis Rash x x x
Rash Rash x x x
Body temperature increased Body temperature increased x
Flatulence Flatulence x
Gastrointestinal disorder Gastrointestinal disorder x x
Hepatitis Hepatitis x
Hypersensitivity Hypersensitivity x x
Hypertonia Hypertonia x
Muscle rigidity Muscle rigidity x
Nervousness Nervousness x
Tension Nervousness x
Pain Pain x
Pruritus Pruritus x
Urinary tract infection Urinary tract infection x
Urticaria Urticaria x
Vaginal inflammation Vaginal inflammation x
Vaginal infection Vaginal inflammation x
Vomiting Vomiting x x x
Malaise Malaise x
Discomfort Malaise x
Feeling abnormal Malaise x
Ill-defined disorder Malaise x
Abdominal pain upper Abdominal pain upper x x
Hepatotoxicity Hepatotoxicity x x
Liver disorder Chronic liver disease x x
Lymphadenopathy Lymphadenopathy x
Insomnia Insomnia x
White blood cell count decreased White blood cell count low x
Somnolence Somnolence x


Information about indications was extracted from the indications and usage sections of the labels.


Side effects:19
Source:FDA Structured Product Label


Side effects:19


Side effects:26
Source:FDA Structured Product Label

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