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ATC Code: H01CB03

Side effects

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Side effect Data for drug Placebo Labels
1 2 3 4
Diarrhoea postmarketing, 11.1% - 64.9% 0% x x x x
Malnutrition 10.8% - 25% 12% x x x x
Cholelithiasis 2.41% - 16.7% 0% x x x x
Inflammation 8.82% - 21.6% 0% x x
Pain 8.82% - 21.6% 0% x x x x
Injection site mass 1.7% - 21.6% 0% x x x
Weight decreased 3.45% - 14.8% 0% x x x x
Abdominal pain postmarketing, 6.48% - 18.9% 4% x x x x
Bradycardia 5.41% - 17.6% 0% x x x
Red blood cell disorders 5.41% - 13.9% 0% x x x
Flatulence 0% - 13.5% 0% x x x x
Anaemia 3.45% - 14.8% 0% x x x
Injection site pain 4.1% x x x
Sinus bradycardia 3.1% x x x
Anaphylactic shock postmarketing x
Angioedema postmarketing x
Cholecystitis postmarketing x x x
Gastrointestinal disorder postmarketing x x x x
Hypersensitivity postmarketing x
Pancreatitis postmarketing x x x
Steatorrhoea postmarketing x x x
Injection site reaction postmarketing x x x x
Hepatobiliary disease postmarketing x x x
Abdominal distension x
Alopecia x x
Anorexia x
Anxiety x
Aortic valve incompetence x x x
Aortic valve stenosis x
Arthralgia x x x
Asthenia x x
Back pain x
Mental disorder x x
Bronchitis x
Bundle branch block x
Bursitis x
Cardiovascular disorder x
Chest pain x
Connective tissue disorder x x
Constipation x x x x
Depression x
Diabetes mellitus x x x
Dizziness x x
Dysautonomia x x
Dyspepsia x x
Dyspnoea x
Dysuria x
Oedema x
Endocrine disorder x
Fatigue x x
Gallbladder disorder x
Gastrooesophageal reflux disease x
Hair disorder x
Headache x x x x
Block heart x
Cardiac disorder x x x
Cardiomegaly x
Cardiac murmur x
Atrial septal defect x
Cardiac valve disease x
Haemorrhoids x
Hepatomegaly x
Hepatosplenomegaly x
Hyperbilirubinaemia x
Hypercholesterolaemia x
Hyperglycaemia x x x x
Hypertension x x
Hypoaesthesia x
Hypoglycaemia x x x x
Hyponatraemia x
Hypothyroidism x
Hypotrichosis x
Leukopenia x
Hepatic neoplasm x
Mitral valve incompetence x x x
Myocardial infarction x
Nail disorder x
Nausea x x x x
Neoplasm x
Nervous system disorder x x
Nervousness x
Nodule x x x
Paraesthesia x
Neuropathy peripheral x
Pruritus x x x
Rhinitis x
Tinnitus x
Urinary tract disorder x x x
Angiopathy x
Vertigo x
Disorder sight x
Vitamin B12 deficiency x
Vomiting x x x x
Atrial arrhythmia x
Ventricular arrhythmia x
Cataract x
Endometrial disorder x
Injection site haemorrhage x
Injection site inflammation x
Hepatocellular injury x
Muscular weakness x
Bone pain x
Phosphatase alkaline increased x
Aspartate aminotransferase increased x
Alanine aminotransferase increased x
Corneal deposits x
Unspecified disorder of skin and subcutaneous tissue x
Malaise x x
Myalgia x
Increased appetite x
Abdominal discomfort x
Diabetes mellitus exacerbated x x
Peripheral ischaemia x
Hypertension worsened x
Glycosylated haemoglobin increased x
Erectile dysfunction x
Change of bowel habit x
Blood bilirubin increased x
Induration x x x x
Dysaesthesia x
Electrocardiogram abnormal x
Injection site nodule x
Reaction gastrointestinal x x
Renal pain x
Gait disturbance x
Blood glucose increased x
Hot flush x
Sweating increased x
Blood alkaline phosphatase increased x
Gallbladder sludge x x x
Allergic skin reaction x
Insomnia x x
Blood bilirubin abnormal x
Regurgitation x x
Loose stools x x x


Information about indications was extracted from the indications and usage sections of the labels.


Side effects:39
Source:FDA Structured Product Label


Side effects:45
Source:FDA Structured Product Label


Side effects:106
Source:Health Canada

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    rare (<0.1%)
    no frequency information
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