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ATC Codes: M01AG04, M02AA18

Side effects

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MedDRA Preferred Term Side effect Data for drug Placebo Labels
Vomiting Vomiting 11% x
Gastrointestinal disorder Gastrointestinal disorder 10% x
Alopecia Alopecia postmarketing x
Conjunctivitis Conjunctivitis postmarketing x
Oedema Oedema postmarketing x
Erythema nodosum Erythema nodosum postmarketing x
Asthenia Fatigue postmarketing x
Fatigue Fatigue postmarketing x
Iritis Iritis postmarketing x
Nocturia Nocturia postmarketing x
Palpitations Palpitations postmarketing x
Ileus paralytic Ileus paralytic postmarketing x
Paraesthesia Paraesthesia postmarketing x
Malaise Malaise postmarketing x
Discomfort Malaise postmarketing x
Feeling abnormal Malaise postmarketing x
Ill-defined disorder Malaise postmarketing x
Visual acuity reduced Visual acuity reduced postmarketing x
Vision blurred Vision blurred postmarketing x
Macular fibrosis Macular fibrosis postmarketing x
Insomnia Insomnia postmarketing x
Blindness Unspecified visual loss postmarketing x
Abdominal pain Abdominal pain x
Gastrointestinal pain Abdominal pain x
Agranulocytosis Agranulocytosis x
Haemolytic anaemia Haemolytic anaemia x
Decreased appetite Anorexia x
Colitis Colitis x
Constipation Constipation x
Dermatitis exfoliative Dermatitis exfoliative x
Diarrhoea Diarrhoea x
Eosinophilia Eosinophilia x
Erythema multiforme Erythema multiforme x
Stevens-Johnson syndrome x
Haemorrhage Haemorrhage x
Haemoglobin Haemorrhage x
Jaundice cholestatic Jaundice cholestatic x
Leukopenia Leukopenia x
Nausea Nausea x
Neutropenia Neutropenia x
Pruritus Pruritus x
Renal failure Renal failure x
Serum sickness Serum sickness x
Stevens-Johnson syndrome Stevens-Johnson syndrome x
Stomatitis Stomatitis x
Tinnitus Tinnitus x
Ulcer Ulcer x
Urticaria Urticaria x
Systemic lupus erythematosus Lupus erythematosus x
Thrombocytopenic purpura Thrombocytopenic purpura x


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Side effects:43
Source:FDA Structured Product Label

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