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ATC Code: L01AA09

Side effects

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MedDRA Preferred Term Side effect Data for drug Placebo Labels
1 2
Neutropenia Neutropenia 21.3% - 86% x x
Platelet count decreased Platelet count decreased 9.93% - 86% x x
Haemoglobin decreased Haemoglobin decreased 8.51% - 89.3% x x
Lymphocyte count decreased Lymphocyte count decreased 4.26% - 99% x x
White blood cell count decreased White blood cell count decreased 2.84% - 94% x x
Thrombocytopenia Thrombocytopenia 23% x
Nausea Nausea 0.654% - 75% x x
Anaemia Anaemia 19% x
Leukopenia Leukopenia 18% x
Vomiting Vomiting 0% - 40% x x
Asthenia Fatigue 0% - 57% x x
Asthenia 0% - 8.5% x x
Fatigue Fatigue 0% - 57% x x
Febrile neutropenia Febrile neutropenia 6% x
Body temperature increased Body temperature increased 1% - 34% x x
Dermatitis Rash 2.1% - 7.84% x
Dermatitis x
Rash Rash 2.1% - 7.84% x
Diarrhoea Diarrhoea 0% - 37% x
Hyperglycaemia Hyperglycaemia 3% x
Cough Cough 0.654% - 4.9% x x
Hypersensitivity Hypersensitivity 0% - 4.58% x x
Hypocalcaemia Hypocalcaemia 2% x
Hyponatraemia Hyponatraemia 2% x
Blood creatinine increased Creatinine increased 2% x
Weight decreased Weight decreased 0% - 7.19% x
Blood uric acid increased Hyperuricaemia 0% - 7.19% x
Hyperuricaemia Hyperuricaemia 0% - 7.19% x
Herpes simplex Herpes simplex 0% - 4.9% x
Infection Infection 0.699% - 5.88% x x
Anaphylactic shock Anaphylactic shock postmarketing x x
Phlebitis Phlebitis postmarketing x
Pneumonia Pneumonia postmarketing x
Swelling Swelling postmarketing x
Pneumocystis jirovecii pneumonia Pneumocystis jirovecii pneumonia postmarketing x
Pain Pain postmarketing, 0% x
Pruritus Pruritus postmarketing, 0% - 5.23% x
Abdominal distension Abdominal distension 0% x
Abdominal pain Abdominal pain x
Gastrointestinal pain Abdominal pain x
Decreased appetite Anorexia x
Decreased appetite x
Anxiety Anxiety x
Arthralgia Arthralgia 0% x
Musculoskeletal discomfort Arthralgia 0% x
Back pain Back pain x
Mental disorder Mental disorder x
Neoplasm malignant Neoplasm malignant x
Candida infection Oral candidiasis x
Oral candidiasis Oral candidiasis x
Chest pain Chest pain x
Connective tissue disorder Connective tissue disorder x
Constipation Constipation x x
Dehydration Dehydration x
Depression Depression 0% x
Dizziness Dizziness 0% x
Dysgeusia Dysgeusia 0% x
Dyspepsia Dyspepsia 0% x
Dyspnoea Dyspnoea x
Extravasation Extravasation x
Gastrooesophageal reflux disease Gastrooesophageal reflux disease 0% x
Gastrointestinal disorder Gastrointestinal disorder x
Headache Headache 0% x x
Cardiac disorder Cardiac disorder x
Cardiac failure Cardiac failure x
Herpes zoster Herpes zoster x
Hyperhidrosis Hyperhidrosis 0% x
Hypertension Hypertension x x
Hypertensive crisis Hypertensive crisis x x
Hypokalaemia Hypokalaemia x
Hypotension Hypotension x
Immune system disorder Immune system disorder x
Renal failure acute Renal failure acute x
Mediastinal disorder Mediastinal disorder x
Myelodysplastic syndrome Myelodysplastic syndrome x
Nasal congestion Nasal congestion 0% x
Nasopharyngitis Nasopharyngitis 0% - 8.39% x
Nervous system disorder Nervous system disorder x
Night sweats Night sweats 0% x
Pain in extremity Pain in extremity x
Pulmonary fibrosis Pulmonary fibrosis x
Sinusitis Sinusitis 0% x
Stomatitis Stomatitis x x
Tachycardia Tachycardia 0% x
Tumour lysis syndrome Tumour lysis syndrome x x
Erythema Erythema x
Upper respiratory tract infection Upper respiratory tract infection 0% x
Urinary tract infection Urinary tract infection x
Angiopathy Angiopathy x
Wheezing Wheezing 0% x
Dry mouth Dry mouth x x
Chills Chills 0% - 5.88% x
Oedema peripheral Oedema peripheral x
Skin necrosis Skin necrosis x
Skin exfoliation Skin necrosis x
Bone pain Bone pain 0% x
Aspartate aminotransferase increased Aspartate aminotransferase increased x x
Dry skin Dry skin 0% x
Malnutrition Malnutrition x
Skin disorder Unspecified disorder of skin and subcutaneous tissue x
Malaise Malaise x x
Discomfort Malaise x x
Feeling abnormal Malaise x x
Ill-defined disorder Malaise x x
Abdominal pain upper Abdominal pain upper 0% x
Sepsis Sepsis x
Blood bilirubin increased Blood bilirubin increased x x
Mucosal inflammation Mucosal inflammation x x
Infestation Infestation NOS x
Pancytopenia Myelosuppression x x
Laryngeal pain Pharyngolaryngeal pain x
Insomnia Insomnia 0% x
Catheter site pain Catheter site pain 0% x
Infusion site pain Infusion site pain 0% x
Atypical pneumonia Atypical pneumonia x
Somnolence Somnolence x x


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Side effects:105
Source:FDA Structured Product Label

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