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MedDRA Preferred Term Side effect Data for drug Placebo Labels
1 2
Neutropenia Neutropenia 13% - 63% x x
Hypertension Hypertension 26% - 71% x
Platelet count decreased Platelet count decreased 2.9% - 47% x x
Thrombocytopenia Thrombocytopenia 4% - 47% x x
Leukopenia Leukopenia 12% - 63% x x
White blood cell count decreased White blood cell count decreased 12% - 63% x x
Blood calcium decreased Calcium low 1% - 52% x
Anaemia Anaemia 9% - 55% x x
Lymphopenia Lymphopenia 9% - 37% x x
Asthenia Asthenia 3% - 39% x x
Fatigue 3% - 39% x x
Fatigue Fatigue 3% - 39% x x
Blood albumin decreased Albumin low 1% - 28% x
Headache Headache 0% - 39% x x
Constipation Constipation 0% - 47% x x
Dry skin Dry skin 0% - 39% x x
Nausea Nausea 0% - 32% x x
Blood glucose decreased Glucose decreased 0% - 24% x
Dermatitis Rash 5% - 54% x x
Rash Rash 5% - 54% x x
Abdominal pain Abdominal pain 3.6% - 49% x x
Gastrointestinal pain Abdominal pain 3.6% - 49% x x
Lipase increased Lipase increased 1.3% - 41% x x
Blood bilirubin increased Blood bilirubin increased 1% - 19% x x
Ischaemia Ischaemia 0% - 20% x
Pneumonia Pneumonia 2% - 13% x x
Alanine aminotransferase increased Alanine aminotransferase increased 6% - 53% x x
Blood phosphorus decreased Phosphorus low 6% - 57% x x
Arthralgia Arthralgia 0% - 31% x x
Musculoskeletal discomfort Arthralgia 0% - 31% x x
Myalgia 0% - 22% x x
Vomiting Vomiting 0% - 24% x x
Oedema Oedema 0% - 22% x
Back pain Back pain 0% - 16% x x
Dyspnoea Dyspnoea 0% - 21% x x
Sepsis Sepsis 1% - 22% x x
Cardiac failure Cardiac failure 3% - 15% x x
Gamma-glutamyltransferase increased Gamma-glutamyltransferase increased 6% x x
Bone pain Bone pain 1% - 12% x x
Mucosal inflammation Mucosal inflammation 0% - 23% x
Blood glucose increased Glucose increased 0% - 58% x x
Pancreatitis Pancreatitis 5.1% - 6% x x
Gastrointestinal haemorrhage Gastrointestinal haemorrhage 1% - 11% x
Pain in extremity Pain in extremity 0% - 17% x x
Blood sodium increased Sodium high 1% - 10% x
Body temperature increased Body temperature increased 0% - 32% x x
Chills Chills 0% - 13% x x
Pain Pain 0% - 16% x x
Decreased appetite Decreased appetite 0% - 31% x x
Hyponatraemia Sodium decreased 2% - 29% x x
Neuropathy peripheral Neuropathy peripheral 0% - 16% x x
Neuropathy x
Febrile neutropenia Febrile neutropenia 1% - 25% x x
Blood creatinine increased Creatinine increased 1% - 7% x
Insomnia Insomnia 0% - 12% x x
Myalgia Myalgia 0% - 22% x x
Cough Cough 0% - 18% x x
Diarrhoea Diarrhoea 0% - 26% x x
Pleural effusion Pleural effusion 0% - 19% x x
Aspartate aminotransferase increased Aspartate aminotransferase increased 2% - 41% x x
Myocardial infarction Myocardial infarction 2.9% x
Acute coronary syndrome Myocardial infarction 2.9% x
Acute coronary syndrome x
Weight decreased Weight decreased 0% - 13% x x
Muscle spasms Muscle spasms 0% - 13% x x
Hypercalcaemia Ca++ increased 0% - 5% x
Cellulitis Cellulitis 0% - 11% x
Blood alkaline phosphatase increased Phosphatase alkaline increased 1% - 37% x x
Blood alkaline phosphatase increased x
Blood potassium increased Potassium increased 1% - 15% x x
Blood potassium decreased Potassium low 1% - 16% x x
Amylase increased Amylase increased 1% - 3% x
Blood amylase increased x
Dizziness Dizziness 0% - 11% x x
Nasopharyngitis Nasopharyngitis 0% - 12% x
Upper respiratory tract infection Upper respiratory tract infection 0% - 11% x x
Pancytopenia Pancytopenia 1.3% x
Myelosuppression x x
Neutrophil count decreased Neutrophil count decreased 1.3% x
Infection Infection 1% x x
Urinary tract infection Urinary tract infection 0% - 12% x
Amylase decreased Amylase decreased 0% - 2% x
Abdominal distension Abdominal distension x
Alopecia Alopecia x
Angina pectoris Angina pectoris x
Prinzmetal angina Prinzmetal angina x
Arrhythmia Arrhythmia x
Atrial fibrillation Atrial fibrillation x x
Atrial flutter Atrial flutter x
Mental disorder Mental disorder x x
Breast disorder Breast disorder x
Neoplasm malignant Neoplasm malignant x
Cardiovascular disorder Cardiovascular disorder x
Cerebral infarction Cerebral infarction x
Neck pain Neck pain x
Connective tissue disorder Connective tissue disorder x x
Dehydration Dehydration x
Dermatitis exfoliative Dermatitis exfoliative x
Dyspepsia Dyspepsia x
Ecchymosis Ecchymosis x
Effusion Effusion x
Epistaxis Epistaxis x
Eye disorder Eye disorder x
Flushing Flushing x
Folliculitis Folliculitis x
Gastrooesophageal reflux disease Gastrooesophageal reflux disease x
Gastrointestinal disorder Gastrointestinal disorder x x
Cardiac disorder Cardiac disorder x
Cardiac failure congestive Cardiac failure congestive x
Haemorrhage Haemorrhage x
Haemoglobin Haemorrhage x
Hyperaesthesia Hyperaesthesia x
Hyperglycaemia Hyperglycaemia x
Hyperhidrosis Hyperhidrosis x
Hypertriglyceridaemia Hypertriglyceridaemia x
Blood triglycerides increased Hypertriglyceridaemia x
Hypoaesthesia Hypoaesthesia x
Hypocalcaemia Hypocalcaemia x
Hypokalaemia Hypokalaemia x
Intermittent claudication Intermittent claudication x
Jaundice Jaundice x
Lethargy Lethargy x
Mediastinal disorder Mediastinal disorder x x
Musculoskeletal pain Musculoskeletal pain x
Nervous system disorder Nervous system disorder x x
Night sweats Night sweats x
Paraesthesia Paraesthesia x
Pericardial effusion Pericardial effusion x
Petechiae Petechiae x
Prurigo Prurigo x
Pruritus Pruritus x
Pulmonary embolism Pulmonary embolism x
Retinal vein occlusion Retinal vein occlusion x
Splenic infarction Splenic infarction x
Stomatitis Stomatitis x
Cerebrovascular accident Cerebrovascular accident x
Tumour lysis syndrome Tumour lysis syndrome x
Erythema Erythema x
Angiopathy Angiopathy x x
Venous thrombosis Venous thrombosis x
Dry mouth Dry mouth x
Oedema peripheral Oedema peripheral x
Hypophosphataemia Hypophosphataemia x
Deep vein thrombosis Deep vein thrombosis x
Migraine Migraine x
Periorbital oedema Periorbital oedema x
Myocardial ischaemia Myocardial ischaemia x
Eyelid oedema Eyelid oedema x
Malnutrition Malnutrition x x
Skin disorder Unspecified disorder of skin and subcutaneous tissue x x
Abdominal discomfort Abdominal discomfort x
Gastric haemorrhage Gastric haemorrhage x
Hepatotoxicity Hepatotoxicity x x
Peripheral ischaemia Peripheral ischaemia x
Skin exfoliation Skin exfoliation x
Pain of skin Pain of skin x
Erectile dysfunction Erectile dysfunction x
Left ventricular dysfunction Left ventricular dysfunction x
Hepatobiliary disease Hepatobiliary disease x
Fluid retention Fluid retention x x
Dry eye Dry eye x
Embolism venous Embolism venous x
Venous thromboembolism x
Vision blurred Vision blurred x
Ischaemic cardiomyopathy Ischaemic cardiomyopathy x
Musculoskeletal chest pain Musculoskeletal chest pain x
Non-cardiac chest pain Non-cardiac chest pain x
Poor peripheral circulation Poor peripheral circulation x
Influenza like illness Influenza like illness x
Face oedema Face oedema x
Menopausal symptoms Hot flush x
Hot flush Hot flush x
Blood uric acid increased Hyperuricaemia x
Hyperuricaemia Hyperuricaemia x
Ejection fraction decreased Ejection fraction decreased x
Infestation Infestation NOS x x
Cardiac discomfort Cardiac discomfort x
Vascular occlusion Vascular occlusion x x
Ocular toxicity Ocular toxicity x
Peripheral arterial occlusive disease Peripheral arterial occlusive disease x
Cerebral artery stenosis Cerebral artery stenosis x
Dysphonia Dysphonia x
Retinal vein thrombosis Retinal vein thrombosis x
Exfoliative rash Exfoliative rash x
Coronary artery disease Coronary artery disease x
Peripheral artery stenosis Peripheral artery stenosis x
Visual impairment Visual impairment x


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Side effects:89
Source:FDA Structured Product Label

ponatinib / ponatinib

Side effects:156

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