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Toxic epidermal necrolysis

Definition: A systemic, serious, and life-threatening disorder characterized by erythematous and necrotic lesions in the skin and mucous membranes that are associated with bullous detachment of the epidermis. The epidermal and mucous membranes detachment leads to sepsis and may be fatal. The lesions appear throughout the body and occupy more than 30% of the body surfaces. It is a hypersensitivity reaction usually caused by drugs (e.g., sulfonamides, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, anticonvulsants, and antiretroviral drugs).

Synonyms (terms occurring on more labels are shown first): toxic epidermal necrolysis, Lyell's syndrome, Lyell syndrome, Lyell's disease, Lyell's syndromes, toxic-epidermal necrolysis, Lyellsyndrome, Lyell-Syndrome, Lyell s syndrome, toxic epi- dermal necrolysis, Lyell'ssyndrome

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